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Backed with over 50 years of experience we offer a range of expertise to help you uncover the truth...


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Ketrick is currently available for expert witness testimony and has been utilized by the U.S. District Court in several cases...

About Us

ketWork investigations, LLC is a licensed and insured private investigative firm operated by two retired FBI Special Agents, Ketrick Kelley and James Hurley.

ketWork investigations, LLC is based in Baldwin County and is connected to a national network of former Department of Justice (DOJ) Agents and Attorneys, who specialize in corporate investigations, forensic accounting, undercover operations, pre-employment screening, and civil litigation investigations.  ketWork Investigations is also contracted for private investigations, surveillance, skip trace, background checks, computer forensics, and cyber security consulting.

ketWork investigations, LLC is working for the justice of all and is open for all business.

"Mr. Kelley and his team were phenomenal to work with. The product they provided for us was the highest quality, their attention to detail and communication was truly appreciated. No one better in the industry. Thank you!"

- Gena

“I have worked with and known Ketrick Kelley professionally for almost twenty years. He is an exceptional criminal investigator and case agent/manager. He is also--hands down--the best interrogator and interviewer I have ever witnessed, and his talents were routinely sought out by other FBI Agents in our region. Similarly, Special Agent Kelley's work ethic is second to none, and he is a creative and strategic thinker, a team player, and one who motivates and energizes the people around him.”

- Jim

“Ketrick Kelley is a pleasure to work with. His public speaking and communication skills are top notch. Mr. Kelley's professionalism and knowledge on investigations and interviewing shine through his presentation(s).”

- Nichol

“Ketrick provided a security presentation for our company's mid management & executive level leadership teams at our annual corporate strategy conference. The entertaining use of illustrations, role playing, and videos were so extremely effective in conveying the deceptive methods and practices being used, our legal department followed Ketrick’s advice. I am a VP @ Digital Check; the world's largest check scanner manufacturer, and HIGHLY recommend Ketrick for any security consult. It will change the priorities within your company.”

- Fred

“I had the privilege of listening to Mr Kelley’s presentation at the NAPMW conference this past week in New Orleans. His presentation was informative yet entertaining and created awareness of our vulnerability as we live in such a technological age.”

- Laurel

“In my 22 years of investigative experience Ketrick Kelley is one of the best investigators I have been around. The perfect blend of investigative tenacity while maintaining empathy.”

- Todd

I am a recent client of Mr. Ketrick Kelley. I utilized his services in November and December of 2021. I will definitely use Ketrick again if the need arises, but HIGHLY recommend him to anyone needing accident reconstruction and investigative services. He is honest, professional, personable, timely, and meticulous in his craft. He kept me informed throughout the entire process and ensured I understood the Fee structure and time being allocated which was really important to me. In the environment we live in today, those qualities are hard to find, but Ketrick demonstrated all of them while he was working for me. The work and summary he provided will save me a tremendous amount of time and money as my current situation unfolds.

Mr. G

“We recently used Mr. Kelley and his team for third-party PEN testing. They were great to work with and their attention to detail sets them apart. I would HIGHLY recommend ketWork for vulnerability assessments and PEN testing! We will definitely be utilizing their services again”

- Brando (IT Manager - Texas Based Mortgage Company)


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